50 Cent Responds After Former G-Unit Member Trav Exposes His Alleged Illegal Activities

The New York rapper, who used to be good friends with Fif, claims he was one of the 'In da Club' rapper's hitmen and calls him 'p***y' for never committing any violent act after he became famous.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent is known for having a lot of enemies due to his excessive trolling, but this time one of his former friends appeared to try to pick a fight with him. Trav just snitched on the "Power" co-creator/star on Instagram Live, exposing many of his alleged illegal activities.

In a video which has circulated online, the former G-Unit member claimed he was one of Fif's former hitmen and that the "In da Club" hitmaker used him and others to protect him. He said that Fif would use his "hitters" to do all his dirty works and that he "bussed his gun" against 50 Cent's enemies.

Trav, who used to be good friends with Fiddy until it ended a few years ago, additionally called his former friend "p***y" because he never committed any violent act after he became famous. The New York rapper also snitched on other former members of 50 Cent's G-Unit.

Dishing on former G-Unit member Tony Yayo, Trav claimed that Tony is very broke in Queens and he's selling ounces of weed for living now.

It didn't take a long time for 50 Cent to react to Trav's claims. Taking to his Instagram account, he surprisingly didn't escalate the tension between them, but writing, "This guy is not a Tuff guy, he is a good kid trying to make music. The music is tuff, I'm sorry it didn't work for him and his brother. I hope they can figure something out." The post, which came along with Trav’s photo, has been removed from Fif's page though.

50 Cent Responds to Trav's Diss

50 Cent responds to Trav's diss.

Trav signed with 50 Cent's label in 2009, but their relationship eventually fell. In 2013, the two had a heated argument during which Meek Mill, who has cordial relations with Trav, mediating between the two men.

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