'Love and Hip Hop' Star Sincere Show Has Breathing Difficulty After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star shares rare update on his Instagram post to remind everyone about the seriousness of the COVID-19, saying that he has pneumonia in both of his lungs.

AceShowbiz - Sincere Show has given a rare update on his condition after being tested positive for coronavirus. Filming himself for his Instagram page's IGTV, the "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star opened up to his fans about the story behind his COVID-19 diagnosis as he revealed that he has breathing difficulty.

In the almost-two-minute video, the "You Know the Vibes" rapper could be seen lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube. "About a week ago, you know, wasn't feeling my best. [I] had to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital," he said in the clip.

"They read all the necessary tests and everything and I was diagnosed with COVID-19. Been in the hospital ever since," the 29-year-old artist went on detailing. He also noted that he has pneumonia in both of his lungs, making it harder for him to even breathe.

Noting that "nobody fully understands" what COVID-19 is, he explained, "You got health care professionals, go to school for you know, 10, 20, 30 years, and they don't even know what this thing is."

Despite his battle with coronavirus, the rapper, whose real name is Vincent Coffey, remained positive by assuring his followers that he would be "alright regardless." Still, he wanted everybody to keep in mind that the current situation is a "serious" matter and that the "playtime is over."

Emphasizing on how important it is to stay alert amid the pandemic, he captioned his live video, "It took a lot for me to make this video as I am a very private person, but it is important for me to share my story." He additionally urged people to "take this seriously #Covid19. Protect yourself protect your family."

Many has since sent him words of support. His "Came Up on a Plug" collaborator O.T. Genasis wrote in the comment section, "Get better bro." Canadian music video director Director X replied, "Stay up man. Have someone bring you astragalus, st. Johnswort, turmeric, oil or oregano, black seed oil. Those are all safe and antiviral. If you need the medical studies I'll dm them."

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