Pink Reveals Her Botched Job After Drunken Self-Haircut During Coronavirus Quarantine

The 'Give Me a Reason' songstress jokingly says she gets 'really, really, really brilliant ideas' when she drinks, which leads to her giving herself a terrible haircut while practicing social distancing.

AceShowbiz - As stars have been letting their fans know what have kept them busy during self quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, Pink has revealed that drinking and haircut were two of her chosen activities. But doing both at the same time is apparently not a good idea, and the singer had to learn it the hard way.

On Tuesday, March 24, the mother of two took to Instagram to share a video revealing her botched haircut after drinking a little bit too much. "Hair cuts and drinking. Quarantine diaries," she captioned the video, before offering her so-called "PSA."

Sporting a brightly colored beanie, she said in the video, "I don't know how much you guys have been drinking in this whole quarantine thing, but I've decided to make it a sport, and I wanted to share something I did last night."

"When I drink, I get really, really, really brilliant ideas and last night I got the idea," she jokingly shared. " 'I can cut hair. I can totally cut hair. Why have I been paying people all this time?' "

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, then pulled back her beanie, revealing a short cut with a bald patch over her right ear. She also shaved her hair above her ears, but unevenly, so her left side was cut lower than the right. "Look what I did," she said.

"What do you think? A good look?" she asked her fans. Poking fun at herself, she added, "I think I'm looking pretty good. Am I giving you Alyssa Milano vibes right now? Charlize Theron? I don't know."

Despite her failed attempt at giving herself a haircut, Pink isn't hanging her scissors altogether. The "Get the Party Started" hitmaker said, "I might try to fix it tonight." She also cheekily advised her followers to do the same while staying home as she told them, "Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair. Screw it."

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