Tory Lanez Hangs Up on Female Fan on IG Live for Refusing to Twerk for Him

As the Ethiopian fan keeps stressing that she won't twerk on camera, the Canadian rapper says, 'Do you possibly have a closet? Because we're gonna hang this s**t up.'

AceShowbiz - In order to entertain his Instagram followers amid the quarantine period, Tory Lanez decided to hold a Live session in which fans could join and chat with. Unfortunately for one certain Ethiopian fan, her time to interact with the Canadian rapper was cut short because she refused to twerk for him.

During the session, the female devotee told Tory that she only wanted to say her greetings, but the latter didn't buy it. "You gotta show me some Ethiopia right now, like you're not about to show up and not show me. You know, we just wanted to know what's going on, what's going on?" he said.

However, the female fan insisted that she would not twerk on camera, prompting Tory to force her to do something else that was "remarkable." In response, she admitted, "I don't have any talent. I can't sing or anything… I'm good at twerk, but I don't wanna twerk. There's too many people watching." And that was apparently the last straw before Tory hung up on her.

Right before he did so, he told her, "Do you possibly have a closet? Because we're gonna hang this s**t up."

Some people found his action funny, some others thought otherwise. "So she can't just come on Live and say hey. She gotta twerk. I hate this place," one said. Another called him "rude," while one other commented, "Why do these men think that it is okay to ask a woman to literally belittle themselves."

"He ain’t no good! And I’m proud of her. Don’t stoop that low for anyone!!" someone else wrote, as one more person praised the girl for refusing to twerk for Tory, "Pretty girl. So happy she stuck to her guns. You don’t have to bend over for no n***a!"

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