Tory Lanez Accuses Drake of Lying About Coronavirus Test Result

It all starts after the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker takes to Instagram to share a photo of him looking sad during a meeting, prompting people to wonder why he looks like that.

AceShowbiz - Despite hanging out with Kevin Durant, who has Coronavirus, Drake assured people that his test result came back negative. However, some people apparently didn't believe he was telling the truth and accused him of lying about his test result. Among those who appeared to believe so was Tory Lanez, and he didn't hold back at all in expressing his opinion.

It all started after Drake took to Instagram to share a photo of himself looking solemn during a meeting. He additionally left a single teary-eyed emoticon in the caption of the post, leading people to wonder why the Canadian superstar was feeling sad. Meanwhile, Tory came up with a theory on why Drake didn't feel good.

The "Broke in a Minute" rapper jumped to the comment section to leave a message that read, "When u said u tested negative for corona but u tested positive… and only u know." People found his comment many as it got more than 5,000 likes at the time of posting.

Drake didn't directly respond to Tory's comment, but he later returned to spill why he was feeling sad when a follower asked him, "Someone tell me what's going on I wanna be sad too." In response to the user, the "God's Plan" hitmaker wrote, "Everything's on hold and it hurts."

Drake made people convinced that he got Coronavirus after hanging out with Kevin, who later tested positive for the disease. The rapper then put himself in self-isolation, before revealing that he isn't contracted with the virus. "You know I had to do a test the other day," he said in the video. Assuring fans that he's in good health, he added, "...Yeah, I had to get tested. But it came back negative though."

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