This was not the first time for the rapper to be accused of having a wondering eye as in a 2017 episode of 'T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle' the Xscape singer confronted her husband about his infidelity.

AceShowbiz - It seems like there's a trouble in paradise between rapper T.I. and wife Tiny (Tomeka Cottle). The couple, who previously split because T.I. cheated on her, was hit with another infidelity rumor as T.I. was reportedly dating a young model.

The speculations started after a beautiful Instagram model named Beijing Beauty suspiciously posted flirtatious hearts during one of his Live sessions on the photo-sharing site. The 21-year-old, who starred in the rapper's music video before, was seen sending Tip a black heart.

Neither Tip nor Tiny has responded to the allegations.

This was not the first time for T.I. to be accused of having a wondering eye. In a 2017 episode of VH1's "T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle", the Xscape singer confronted her husband for allegedly cheating with a woman she introduced him to. The infidelity led Tiny to file for divorce in December 2016, though they're back together in 2019.

The reunited couple stopped by Jada Pinkett Smith's "Red Table Talk" in December 2019 to discuss their past marital woe and what made Tip cheat on Tiny. "Once I got on my own two feet, I felt like I should have a voice too. And that voice, was a little different than what he was used too. So that, to me, is what caused the issue," Tiny explained, adding she didn't think she was just "being outlandishly disrespectful."

Admitting that she had "a voice that was timing," Tiny added, "I feel like he felt like, 'Mm. This is not the woman I love and this is not what I want. I want somebody that if I tell her this, she's gonna listen, and she's gonna do this the way I want her to do it.' "

"And that's where he went…he went and found somebody that he can be like, 'Hey don't move…do this, do that'…I was not, you know what I'm saying, her," Tiny continued.

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