Masika Kalysha Fires Back After Being Slammed for Bragging About Her '6 Figures' Income

Clapping back at the naysayers, the TV star insists on Twitter that she's 'everyday giving out gree tips, posting links and referrals constantly trying to teach u guys how to invest.'

AceShowbiz - Despite the crisis in the wake of the Coronavirus, Masika Kalysha has nothing to worry about. The former cast member of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" recently took to her social media account to brag about her income, only to get backlash from her online followers.

Writing on Twitter on Thursday, March 17, Masika boasted, "Everyone's crying about the stock market drop... meanwhile I made 6 figures this week off of buying at the bottom and selling at the rise, while letting my previous investments drop knowing they comin right back up in a month or 2."

She continued in another post, "One day y'all gonna actually listen to me. I want nothing but the best for y'all. People perish for lack of knowledge. I'm trying to teach y'all the little bit that I know, so you can apply it and learn more."

Not enough bragging, Masika went on to say that she "just purchashed a(nother) multi million dollar property by myself with no help & no co-signer with an 813 credit score this week... but don't listen to me. idle s**t."

While some fans were happy for her success, some others appeared to be mad. "Exactly! I've yet to see her drop jewels on how to,, whether the advice had to be purchased or was free. We wanna learn to sis," a fan wrote, to which Masika replied, "Ohhhh I only tweet d**k near every day for years about 'how to' for free. reading is fundamental. But I see you want to be mad so carry on."

"I think more people would listen if you gave genuine advice instead of your attempt at shaming others for not being knowledgeable," another hater commented. "Girl sitchi angry a** back down in timeout and stfu," Masika fired back, adding, "I sound dumb. Clearly u don't pay attention to my tweets. I NEVER shame ppl for not knwing the same s**t I didn't know. don't get this tv s**t mixed up with real life. Go quarantince ur nasty attitude."

"I find it hilarious how people are telling me that I should give advice on how to build wealth instead of 'bragging' #MasikaMafia knows I'm on here everyday giving out gree tips, posting links & referrals constantly trying to teach u guys how to invest. No1 pays attention to that though," she added in a separate post. "But the second I reiterate the importance of building wealth by sharing a fraction of the fruits of my labor, for inspiration/motivational purposes only, all the naysayers & lazy ppl get to crying. DoNt BrAg TeAch uS. PAY ATTENTTION! + U ain't seen me brag yet. Tuh."

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