Djimon Hounsou Reveals Advice to Young Son Who Fell Victim to Racial Slur

During an interview on 'The Clay Cane Show', the 'A Quiet Place Part II' actor recalls the time 10-year-old Kenzo told him that he was called the N-word by a peer after a soccer game.

AceShowbiz - "A Quiet Place: Part II" star Djimon Hounsou was left stunned when his 10-year-old son told him he'd been the victim of a racist slur.

The 55-year-old actor shares Kenzo with ex Kimora Lee Simmons, and recalled an incident where the child was called the N-word by a peer after a soccer game.

"I went to pick up my son from a soccer game one time and he says to me some other kid called him the N-word. That's how early it starts," he said on SiriusXM's "The Clay Cane Show". "He's wondering, 'Why do you have to call me that word?' I was wondering, 'When do they start to get treated like a second class citizen?'"

When asked how he handled the incident, Hounsou replied that he asked his son to point out the child, who was already getting in his parents' car to leave. He then gave Kenzo some advice on how to deal with such racist language.

"I said, 'Well, don't take that personally. Some people just feel insecure and they just feel like they have to call you some type of derogative (word),'" he said.

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