Boosie Badazz Desperately Sells Himself to Rihanna Despite A$AP Rocky Dating Rumors
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Telling the 'Umbrella' songstress that he's 'not going to hate on you with another [guy],' the 'Show Da World' hitmaker still begs the Barbadian beauty to look at him because he's 'a catch.'

AceShowbiz - Despite Rihanna's split from Hassan Jameel, Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie might have lost his chance to be with the singer amid rumors that she's back together with her ex A$AP Rocky. As disappointed as he might have been, the Louisiana rapper doesn't seem to be giving up just yet.

In a new trailer for his new reality series "Badazz Boosie", the 37-year-old star reacts to Rihanna and A$AP's dating rumors. "I heard Rihanna off the market right now. I just pulled up some stuff on Instagram and they say she messing with A$AP Rocky," he says while cooking in the kitchen. Calling the A$AP Mob member his "lil dawg," he declares, "I'ma bag off, I'ma bag off because I rock with A$AP Rocky."

That, however, doesn't stop him from pitching himself to Rihanna. "I heard she's off the market. I'm a catch. I take care of my kids. I'm a lovable person. And I'm on my s**t," he says, desperately trying to convince the "Diamonds" songstress.

"I'm not going to hate on you with another [guy]. I'm a good catch. Rihanna, I am a f***ing catch! Good things to come those who [wait]," he continues, while his friends don't seem to be interested in what he says and keeps going with their activities. At the end of the clip, one of the guys is seen smirking in response to Boosie's hilarious plea.

Boosie doesn't seem to be embarrassed though, as he pokes fun at himself in a caption of the video which he shared via his Instagram page. "I'm a bag off ol girl but Just keep the cameras Rollin. #BADAZZBoosie unscripted series otw. OFFICIAL TRAILER In BIO," he wrote.

In a previously released preview for the show, Boosie also reveals that his children try to hook him up with Rihanna. "My kids, I think they tryna find me a woman," he admits. "You know who I want. The whole world knows who I want. She wants me too, it's just a matter of time. Rihanna, you know you want me."

One of his sons later tries to pitch his father as saying, "Yo Rihanna, you can come see my daddy." Another adds, "Yeah, he needs somebody in his life." Boosie is later seen shaking his hips, attempting to show the Grammy-winning artist that he has them "rude bwoy" moves.

"Badazz Boosie" shows the rapper and his family going about their regular lives. It is slated to premiere in spring of this year.

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