Jessa Duggar Captures Daughter's Milestone in Instagram Video

The 'Counting On' star shares an adorable video of her baby girl Ivy Jane saying one of her first words as she plays with a plastic baby doll that she's just got.

AceShowbiz - Jessa Duggar could not be more excited about her baby girl's milestone. On Sunday, March 8, the "Counting On" star shared with her fans an adorable video of 9-month-old Ivy Jane mumbling one of her first words as she played with a plastic baby doll that she has just got.

In a short clip uploaded on Instagram, baby Ivy was seen sitting on the floor in a dark green onesie. Seemingly excited over her new toy, she grabbed the doll while rocking her body up and down. In the background, her 27-year-old mother could be heard asking, "What is that? Is that your baby?" The toddler in return repeated, "Bay-puh." She also showered the toy with wet kisses.

Explaining why she shared the video on social media, Jessa wrote in an accompanying caption, "It's the cutest thing in the world to hear her say 'Baby!' " The fifth child of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Ruark further added, "I'd say she's pretty excited to finally have her own doll! #9monthsold."

Many fans were quick to share positive comments at Jessa's child. One pointed out, "She's talking really early, good for her, what a sweet baby." Another swooned over Ivy's feature, "Omg those lashes! Such a gorgeous little girl!" A third hilariously replied, "I was beginning to think this was another baby announcement!"

Jessa's post of baby Ivy came just days after she defended her husband Ben Seewald against a troll. After one hater labeled Ben a "neanderthal" for allegedly refusing to look after their children while she did a little shopping with her sisters, she sarcastically fired back, "You know, I've been thinking the same thing."

"Only Neanderthal men would refuse to breastfeed their infants so their wives can spend the entire day out dining and shopping," she continued on berating the troll.

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