Britney' Son Jayden Slams Jamie Spears on Instagram Live: 'He Can Go Die'

The 13-year-old, whom Britney shares with ex Kevin Federline, also spills the tea about Britney's music career in the future, recalling the time when Britney allegedly told him she might quit.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears's 13-year-old son Jayden Federline is spilling the tea on his recent Instagram Live. During the Tuesday, March 3 broadcast, the youngster talked about various stuff including #FreeBritney agenda that her fans have been pushing and things about the legendary singer's family situation.

Jayden first said in the Live broadcast that being a son of a "legend" wasn't what people would expect, adding that he's currently with dad and would see his mom in a few weeks. When asked if he knew about #FreeBritney and how he supports his mom, Jayden responded, "I don't know. I'm trying to do stuff but like, they're all over me or whatever."

Someone later asked him about Britney's dad Jamie Spears. "Yeah, he's a pretty good d**k, pretty f***ing gay a** s**t. He can go die," Jayden shockingly revealed. While it seemed like he would be getting in trouble for doing the broadcast, he assured everyone that his dad Kevin Federline wouldn't care before gushing over him, calling him "the best dad ever" and "living Jesus."

Apparently it was only Jamie who rubbed Jayden the wrong way because the kid loved his grandma, Britney's mom, Lynne. "My grandma is literally, literally, literally, the best grandma in the universe," he said. He also praised Britney's current boyfriend Sam Asghari, stating, "I like Sam. He's good, he's nice... He's a really good dude."

Jayden also spilled some tea about Britney's music career in the future. Britney allegedly told him she might quit, to which Jayden responded, "What? Are you insane? Like, do you know how much bank you make of that?" Concluding his Live, Jayden promised to share more if he gets 5,000 followers.

Britney has yet to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, all of Jayden's Instagram posts have been deleted and Britney's alleged secret account is also gone.

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