Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford will make the official announcement on BBC radio months after the trio were seen watching a basketball game in New York City together.

AceShowbiz - British rock legends Genesis are to reunite for a U.K. tour, according to multiple reports.

Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford will officially announce the big news on BBC radio on Wednesday morning (March 04), but they appeared to jump the reveal by posting a throwback photo of the trio on Instagram on Tuesday, with the caption: "And then there were three."

The group's original frontman, Peter Gabriel, is not expected to be part of the reunion, which takes place 13 years after his former bandmates last played together to mark their 40th anniversary.

The reunion news comes two months after Collins, Rutherford and Banks were spotted watching a basketball game together in New York City.

Collins is unlikely to sing and play drums onstage after admitting he can no longer get behind the kit after multiple back surgeries.

He recently told Rolling Stone that he'd like his 19-year-old son, Nicholas, to take over drumming if a reunion came about, stating, "I haven't really said it to Tony and Mike... (but) if we did anything again it would be with Nic on drums," he said.

And Rutherford seemed to like the idea while talking about a get together on "Good Morning Britain": "I've always said, for years, never say never (to a reunion)... Phil (Collins) is in good shape now out touring, his son (Nic) is drumming - fantastic drummer. Never say never."

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