Nick Cannon Sees Antonio Brown as a 'Brother Crying Out for Help'

The 'Masked Singer' host also mentions that football world itself is like 'gladiator mentality' and 'barbaric' and reveals whether or not he will let any of his two sons play football.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon is the latest celebrity to weigh in on troubled NFL player Antonio Brown. During a new interview with VLAD TV, "The Masked Singer" host talked about Antonio, who recently made headlines for various controversies.

Recalling that Antonio was among the contestants in the first season of the FOX singing competition, Nick dubbed that he was a "talented brother." He added, "So much money. No one's telling you, 'No. That's enough. Don't do this. Don't say that.' When you don't have people around you and you just have so much access to excessive amount of everything, who can handle it?"

"It's a lot going on, man. And I see a brother crying out for help," he continued saying. "I look in his eyes.. Again, I've dealt with, you know, episodes and imbalances so much in my life. I could spot it, you know. Oh God, just get him to a place where he can level out and be heard."

Nick added, "The thing is 'cuz when someone's having an episode, sometimes the people around him were just hoping them better. 'I think he's doing better.' ... We're all hopeful that it's gonna get better and you're gonna wake up one morning and he's gonna be back to do that we knew that was running the routes and you know, you watch this person slowly deteriorate until they to a place where they're harming themselves or someone else."

Later, Nick mentioned that football world itself was like "gladiator mentality" and "barbaric." When asked if they would let any of his two sons play football, Nick responded, "Not at a certain age. ... When you start knocking heads and hurting each other, and people being carried off to feel, absolutely not."

Antonio is facing charges of felony burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief stemming from a Tuesday incident outside his home in which he allegedly assaulted a moving truck driver. He turned himself in on Thursday, January 23.

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