600Breezy Calls Baby Mama Queen Key 'Disrespectful' Over Gay Accusations

The accusation apparently makes him receive provocative private messages on his Instagram dm from some gay men that prompts him to later block them though he insists that he isn't homophobic.

AceShowbiz - 600Breezy is taking his beef with alleged baby mama Queen Key even further. Following their back-and-forth online in which Key claimed that Breezy had sucked "more d**ks" than her, the musician had broken his silence in a recent interview with DJ Smallz.

The Chicago recording artist opened up about his brewing drama with Key, accusing her as the person behind most of the misconceptions about his character. When asked about the greatest misconception that people had about him, Breezy responded, "For me to answer this question, it's gon' bring that b***h into the equation."

"I really feel like I wanna speak on it 'cause that s**t gets on my nerves every f***in' day. Tha s**t get on my nerves. So, I ain't gon' say her name, but I'm just gon' give a rundown. I was f***in' wit a b***h, she a rapper. She's disrespectful. Very disrespectful," he went on saying. "I couldn't deal with that s**t."

Adding that he refused her when "she wanted me to be her boyfriend," Breezy explained, "I told her no. She told me she was pregnant. I didn't even say get rid of it, I just said that s**t to the public when she did what she did. Did some embarrassing s**t or whatever. It's nothing that she could say to me possibly, so she's throwing out gay rumors."

"The b***h sayin' it so much and she got kind of a fanbase, so they gonna ride with her like, 'Oh, he's this and that,'" he went on to share. "I'm one of the straightest n***as that you will ever find in this f***in' world. All these industry b****es f***in' wit' me. All these regular b*tches f***in' wit me. You'll never hear that s**t. You heard that s**t from one b***h and people tryin' to run with the s**t."

The accusation apparently made him receive provocative private messages on his Instagram dm from some gay men. While he insisted that he's not homophobic, he shared that he had to block them on the social media account. "I can't get to these n***as to kill 'em or no s**t like that, so I just block 'em."

He also addressed the assault accusation leveled against him made by Key. "They steady screaming deadbeat and they steady screaming gay. Her kids not even on this earth yet. You can't be a deadbeat to some kids that's not on earth," he said. "At the end of the day, you can't find a gay receipt on me. You can't find a deadbeat receipt. My baby mamas don't be blasting me about nothin' because they know I'm there. The kids I got on this earth right now, they tooken care of."

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