600Breezy Refuses to Sign Record Deal With Drake Because the Latter Has 'Hidden Agenda'

Even though the '24 Bars' rapper often hangs out together with the 'God's Plan' hitmaker, he admits in a new interview that he doesn't want to sign to the latter.

AceShowbiz - Even though 600Breezy and Drake often hang out together, that doesn't mean the former is signed to the Canadian hip-hop superstar. In fact, Breezy admits to refusing to ever sign to Drake because he believes active rappers always have "hidden agenda."

In an interview with DJ Smallz, Breezy says, "Everybody seen me with Drake all the time. I wasn't signed to Drake, bro. 'Cause at the end of the day, he's still an artist. If I signed to him, he's gon' sign me to a label. I would have other people over and it ain't gon' be like I'm dealing with him. He's still on the road doing shows, making albums. So, if you sign to him and he's really who you singed to and you gotta do the professional part, too, they ain't gon' get nowhere 'cause he gotta focus on himself."

Breezy then advises other up-and-coming rappers not to sign to other rappers because he believes it's the "biggest mistake" that many make. "He gotta do his job, too. Like, he's still rapping. You gotta sign to somebody that don't wanna be the person that you are or don't want to hold you down to not get bigger than them," he adds. "You sign to another rapper it's always a hidden agenda there."

Breezy has been signed to EMPIRE record label since 2015. In that same year, the "24 Bars" rapper met Drake for the first time at a show in Atlanta and have remained friends ever since. Their friendship turned into a musical collaboration when Breezy joined forces with the "God's Plan" rapper on "More Life" in 2017.

Talking about how the collaboration came to happen, Breezy previously said, "We were just having a conversation and he just came out of nowhere like, 'I need that drop for 'More Life'. It just came out the blue. I didn't even ask for it, and that's all I needed to hear. I just gave him a little voice-over right there, and that's what it was."

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