Keri Hilson Hits Back at Troll Mocking Her 'Washed Up' Career
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The 'Knock You Down' singer takes the high road in her response to a hater who rudely claims that her music career is over, suggesting that no one can hurt her feelings anymore.

AceShowbiz - Keri Hilson has thrown in a perfect comeback at Internet troll. Weeks after she unexpectedly lost her father, the "Knock You Down" singer came out with an Instagram post suggesting that she is taking life one day at a time, and was soon forced to hit back at a hater who rudely claims that her music career is over.

On January 20, the 37-year-old singer shared with her followers, "I'm just honestly trying to hold it all together. One day I'm up, the next I'm down. I don't know where life is taking me, what it's making me, but I pray it's something beautiful. And that's real." One critic, however, responded to her post by writing, "@kerihilson your career over with you ain't have a hit in 9 years you washed up."

Unwilling to let the hate comment slid away, the Grammy nominee replied directly, "chiiile, I KNOW!" She continued, "You're probably trying to hurt my feelings w/ that but I've long accepted I'm in that category…for now. But lemme correct you here: I haven't 'had a hit' because I haven't put out ANYTHING, not because I put out flops. And my career is far from over. I do hope you stay tuned this year."

The "I Like" singer broke the news of her father's sudden passing in early January. "I wasn't ready. I don't wanna do this. But I want to honor you in as many ways as I can. Forever…," she expressed her grief in a tribute post. "… But I simply was not ready to say goodbye yesterday morning. I feel like a lost little girl right now … REST IN HEAVEN, Dad. Til' we meet again..."

As for her career, Hilson announced her plan to release new music in March 2019. At the time, she wrote in a social media post, "Today marks 10 years since the release of my first studio album, 'In A Perfect World…' I didn't mean to be gone so long, I only needed my real world to be is now. Thank you for your patience. The wait is over. I'm ready. Summer 2019."

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