Quavo Hilariously Scolded by Saweetie Over His Take on Broom Challenge

The 'My Type' hitmaker is so over her boyfriend and his attempt at doing the Broom Challenge as she gets bothered by the sight of the broom in her dressing room.

AceShowbiz - Quavo is another celebrity who has taken part in the viral Broom Challenge, but his girlfriend Saweetie did not share the same excitement with him. The Migos member was hilariously scolded by the singer/raptress as he filmed his take on the challenge in her dressing room.

In a video posted by the "Versace" hitmaker on his Instagram account, Saweetie appeared to be removing her lipstick with the broom, which managed to stand in an upright direction, being placed near her. Quavo, who was standing in the doorway, watched from afar while moving his fingers as if casting a spell on the broom.

Saweetie then ruined the fun as she asked her "babe" to get the broom out of her room. Quavo responded by acting silly, saying that he tried to make it come to him only with his hand gestures. Not having his joke, the "Icy Girl" songstress repeated her order, "Bro get the broom out my room."

A person behind the camera was heard laughing as Quavo was slowly but obediently following his girlfriend's order. He then lifted the broom, jokingly pretending as if he's going to hit her with it. The rapper captioned the video with, "Ok The #broomchallenge Ova Wit."

Many have since taken to the comment section to share their opinions on Saweetie's attitude in the clip. "Girl you can't even rap. Chill with the attitude," an unamused user wrote. "Saweetie the type of woman only fun on camera and irritating as hell in private," another claimed.

Another accused her, "She using him n we all know except him." Someone else slammed her, "Lookin like 'you always ruining the fun' " One other person thought it's funny anyway, "LMAOOOOO SHE HATE HIM AND HE LOVES HER , JUST HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE !"

Quavo's groupmate Takeoff also chimed in as writing, "Stop playing with sis." Another claimed that the 28-year-old rapper "had to make her mad before," hence her attitude, "cause it wasn't that serious." Another similarly commented, "I wonder what happened prior?"

"He must have been already irritating her," someone else suggested, while another speculated, "Lmfaoo that must of been his way of 'apologizing' for whatever happened prior to this video. She ain't over it bro lmaoo."

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