21 Savage Has Epic Reaction to Stripper Falling Off Two-Story Pole

On the other hand, Genea Key has shared an update after having a surgery to fix her broken jaw, which is the result of her falling off the pole while working.

AceShowbiz - Recently, a video has since gone viral showing a stripper falling off a two-story pole but she quickly got right back up and continued dancing like nothing happened. The clip earns all kind of reactions from social media users, including one from 21 Savage who apparently is staying true to his stage name.

Taking to the comment section of DJ Akadmiks' post about the viral moment, Savage wrote, "She got right listening to that immortal." His comment has since garnered more than one thousand likes with a lot of people laughing at his joke. One even said, "Bruuuh u really a savage!!"

Even though the stripper, who is later identified as Genea Key, seemed to be okay after the shocking fall in the video, the reality was far from what people expected. In an Instagram video, she explained she "pretty much broke [her] jaw" and some teeth in addition to suffering a sprained ankle. She also received some stitches under her chin.

Later on Monday, February 10, Genea gave an update to her Instagram followers, saying that her surgery to fix her jaw went well. Along with a photo of her in hospital bed, she said, "My jaw is currently wired shut so please refrain from calling me as of right now and bare with me on replies because my phone hasn't stopped blowing up."

She went on thanking those who showed their support after the incident. "I am overwhelmed in the best way by all the support," she wrote in the lengthy caption. "I never imagined so many people would stand behind me in a situation like this and that has outweighed all the negativity by far. I am beyond grateful for you all. I am in a tremendous amount of pain but I am ready for this road to recovery so I can get back to my life."

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