Nicki Minaj's Fans Use Meek Mill's #askmeek Tag to Slam and Clown Him

'#askmeek tag it ask a question and I'll answer!!!' so the 'Believe' spitter writes on his Twitter account, prompting Nicki's fans to fill his mention tab with hate comments and trolls.

AceShowbiz - Meek Mill seemingly is wanting to get closer with his fans, so he opened a Q&A session on Twitter. However, it appeared to slip his mind that having such session on social media amid the drama between him and his ex Nicki Minaj wouldn't be a good idea.

"#askmeek tag it ask a question and I'll answer!!!" so the "Believe" spitter wrote on his account on Friday, February 7. As soon as he tweeted that, Nicki's fans flocked his mention tab with hate comments and trolls.

Meek Mill's QnA session

Meek Mill opened a QnA session on his Twitter account.

One of them asked Meek to stream Nicki's new song "Yikes" on which she dragged Meek. Another fan asked, "How you feel about #Yikes going #1 on iTunes and your song didn't?"

"Why you be beating on women?" one other user tweeted, referring to the assault allegations made by Nicki leveled to Meek, accusing him of beating his own sister. "You beat your own sister and taped it. Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front your mother and sent her to the hospital. Sucking Drake d**k made u feel tough again. Move on," the Trinidadian star wrote on Twitter at the time.

"why you so bitter towards nicki?" asked someone else with some others clowning him for getting his credit card declined. "Do your cards still be declining. And can you get a #1 without Drake or Nicki?" one tweeted.

Further slamming Meek, a user wrote, "Why you say Nicki bag low when she has more money than you, is worth more than you and she just did a 10 million on signing deal? What made you just embarrass yoursel and lie?"

Nicki and Meek's Twitter feud ensued after the latter was caught liking pictures making fun of her husband Kenneth Petty. In response, she called her ex-boyfriend a clown and dissed his fashion sense. She additionally accused him of domestic violence while he dragged her for her "rapist" brother's lawyer. Both denied the accusations leveled against them.

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