Cynthia Erivo Keen to Explore Her Sexuality on Screen

The 'Harriet' actress says in a new interview that she would love to play a character that shows black women's sensuality or do a superhero movie like 'Black Panther'.

AceShowbiz - Oscar-nominee Cynthia Erivo wants to explore her sexuality on screen as she feels Hollywood is failing to show black women's sensuality.

The British star's performance as abolitionist activist Harriet Tubman in "Harriet" has landed her a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards, in addition to a Best Original Song nod, and she hopes her success will land her a greater variety of parts.

In an interview with writer and activist Roxane Gay for The Hollywood Reporter, Cynthia reveals she is often cast as characters who are "asexual" and would like to explore more of her romantic side on screen.

"I would like to play the role of a woman who has sexuality," she explains. "For some reason, I don't know whether it is specifically black women, but our roles lack sexuality. It's like we can't be bad**s and human and sexual at the same time."

"I just don't understand that. One of my favorite films is Call Me by Your Name, because of how tender and sensual it is. I still haven't seen that for a black woman. That's what I'm looking for."

Asked about directors she'd like to work with in the future, the 32-year-old lists Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVernay, and Barry Jenkins - and also adds that she'd love to do a superhero movie like Coogler's "Black Panther".

"My body is suited to it," she shares. "And I'd love to see what that experience is like. I think I could have a good time doing it."

If she wins at next month's ceremony, Cynthia will become the youngest ever star to complete an EGOT - wins at the Emmys, Grammys. Oscars, and Tonys - but says she's relaxed about making history.

"I think I've said 'EGOT' less than everybody else," the star explains. "I don't know that it's that I care less or that it's not the most important thing to me. It really is and it really has been about getting good work and playing roles I feel are good for me."

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