Liam Gallagher Labels Noel's Latest Single 'Boring Snoozer'
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Refueling his public feud with his estranged brother, the former Oasis frontman takes a jab at 'Blue Moon Rising', and even argues with fan who defends the High Flying Birds' guitarist.

AceShowbiz - Liam Gallagher has refuelled his public spat with brother Noel Gallagher by hammering the new dance single and video from the Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' star.

In his first major attack on his estranged sibling of the new decade, Liam has lashed out at his former Oasis bandmate's latest release, "Blue Moon Rising", insisting it's a "BORING SNOOZER".

And when one Noel fan fired back: "Stop hating, your brothers turned you into a rock legend and made you millions (sic)," the singer responded: "Kiss it snowflake", later adding that anything he released right now would "p**s all over this".

Liam continued his renewed attack on his brother as he commented on a photo of Noel and himself as children, writing: "been holding me back all my life".

Liam and Noel have been bitterly feuding in the press and on social media ever since the guitarist walked out on Oasis during a European tour in 2009.

Meanwhile, the video for Noel's new single features actor Jack O'Connell and model Gala Gordon.

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