Selena Gomez Confesses to Working on 'Rare' Right Up to Release Deadline

'This is four years of my life, and I think I'm completely OK with releasing it,' spills the 'Lose You to Love Me' hitmaker during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez was writing new music for her latest album right up to her release deadline.

The pop star dropped "Rare", her first album in five years, on Friday, January 10, and Selena admits she and her co-writers Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels were continually tweaking the tunes until she had to submit the project to label bosses.

"This is four years of my life, and I think I'm completely OK with releasing it," she told Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1.

"But there had always been something that was preventing me or scaring me from doing it, and I'm so glad that I've followed that gut instinct (to release the album), because it's so crazy that every single moment counts, down to literally (when the singles) 'Lose You to Love Me' and 'Look at Her Now' is out, but we were still, the last day, writing music (for)... the song I personally think is going to be one of our biggest as well."

Selena credits her colleagues for fuelling her creativity, because she, Tranter and Michaels gelled so well together.

"I don't want to work with anyone who doesn't want to work with me," she explained of how she selected her collaborators.

"I think I just found my group, and I think I'm getting better and better, but I only know that that means it's because of the people I'm surrounded by that inspire me, that challenge me."

Selena also believes emerging stronger from a series of struggles in her personal life, including health battles like her 2017 kidney transplant, enabled her to feel more free in the kind of songs she wanted to make.

"I think the past few years, or hell, decade if you want, I think I was really kind of hurting, and I think that prevented me from doing a lot more, creatively or even content-wise, of what I wanted to say," she added.

"Rare" is the follow up to the singer's 2015 release, "Revival".

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