Daniel Radcliffe Recalls Being Mistaken for Homeless in New York
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The leading man of the 'Harry Potter' film series admits, during an appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show', that the incident served as a wake up call for him to shave more often.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Radcliffe was once offered a cup of coffee while cuddling his dog in New York by a good Samaritan who mistook him for a homeless person.

The "Harry Potter" star often has to put up with being recognised everywhere he goes, but opened up about a bizarre experience while he was out with his girlfriend Erin Darke.

Daniel has grown a beard recently, and told U.K. chat show host Graham Norton that it resulted in him receiving charity - as a passerby thought he was down and out.

"It's weird and funny, with some very odd moments. I was in New York recently with my girlfriend and while she was in a shop, I was outside with our adopted dog," he explains. "It was very cold, and I had on a hoodie, a fleece and then a big coat over the top. Because it was so cold, I knelt down to warm the dog and I saw this guy looking at me and then he walked past me. But then he came back and handed me five dollars and said, 'Get yourself a coffee mate.' Apparently, I need to shave more often!"

The 30-year-old is also set to appear on stage at London's famous Old Vic theatre, starring alongside Alan Cumming in "Endgame". He says his move to theatre is an attempt to improve as an actor.

"I think it makes me better. It's hard work and gives me a lot of confidence to know that I'm not entirely the product of editors and producers and that I can do it on my own and exist outside of that," Daniel explains. "It's also fun. I love being on film sets, but you don't get the raw rush you get on stage."

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