Ryan Seacrest Laughs Off His Epic Tumble of Chair
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The 'American Idol' host is on 'Live' with his co-host Kelly Ripa when he falls off his chair trying to catch a gold balloon, but Kelly assures the audience that 'he's fine.'

AceShowbiz - Ryan Seacrest keeps his humor intact despite a nasty fall on national television. A week after welcoming the New Year, the "Live with Kelly and Ryan" co-host laughed off his first mishap of 2020 by posting on his Instagram account a video of him falling out of his chair.

The 45-year-old's tumbling incident took place during the Tuesday, January 7 episode of his morning talk show. In the clip he shared on social media, he could be seen stretching his arms far behind as he tried to catch a gold balloon. His move tipped his chair back, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward.

Seacrest's embarrassing moment did not only shock the audience, but also his co-host Kelly Ripa. As he went down, the wife of actor Mark Consuelos could be heard shouting, "Oh my God!" She was also quick to jump off her chair to check on her giggling partner and help him stand back up, before reporting, "Oh my gosh, he's fine!"

In an attempt to make light of his accidental fall, the "American Idol" host popped back on the screen holding the gold balloon over his head and proudly declaring, "I got it!" He further mocked his snafu by writing in the caption of his video post, "First fumble of the new season. Hope I make the playoffs.…"

Seacrest's Instagram post of the mishap drew amusement from some of his colleagues. His "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" co-host, Tanya Rad, replied simply, "Omg," accompanied with few laughing emojis, whereas another co-host Sisanie commented, "I needed this today! Thank you. Also, are you ok?"

Days prior to his epic tumble, Seacrest got a taste of Jennifer Aniston's jealousy. When interviewing "The Morning Show" star on the red carpet of the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards, the TV personality got called out for buying Ellen DeGeneres' house. "How's my home?" teased the actress before explaining, "You bought your home from Ellen and Portia [de Rossi] and it was a home that I always coveted."

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