Lizzo Turns Sydney Concert Into Fundraiser for Australian Bushfire Relief

Prior to her performance at Sydney Opera House, the 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker informs fans that she will have donation buckets set up around the venue to support the relief effort.

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop star Lizzo turned her Monday night (January 6) concert in Sydney, Australia into a fundraiser as she collected donations for the country's bushfire relief effort.

The "Truth Hurts" hitmaker took over the famed Sydney Opera House for her gig, and, in the lead up to showtime, appealed to attendees' charitable sides as she revealed plans to have donation buckets set up around the venue.

In an Instagram Live post, the singer told fans, "I'm urging everyone who comes to my show tonight to donate to the firefighters, to the koala sanctuaries, the Australia Red Cross, and just to people who lost their house (sic)."

Lizzo went on to criticise those who use the climate crisis as a political tool, insisting it's up to everyone to take action to save the planet.

"I'm a firm believer in all of us being connected and all of us part of this planet, and a global citizen," she explained.

"Moving into 2020, I just want to be really vigilant about the way the earth is moving. People who want to politicise climate change, just get away from my mentions. Unfollow me, don't look at me, just pretend I'm blocked. 'Cause it's not about that for me, I don't understand how nature can be a political issue. You don't have to be the most intelligent scientist in the world to notice that temperatures have changed."

Lizzo is the latest celebrity to use her platform to call for donations to aid bushfire relief - pop stars Pink and Kylie Minogue have each pledged $500,000 (£380,000) to the cause, as have Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, while Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Joaquin Phoenix, Patricia Arquette, and Ricky Gervais all raised the issue at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood on Sunday.

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