Met with disapproval after suggesting that he inspired the 'Lover' singer to be more vocal in her support to the LGBTQ community, the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' star hits back in a string of furious posts.

AceShowbiz - Todrick Hall has clapped back at critics over his suggestion that he inspired Taylor Swift to be more vocal in her LGBTQ activism.

In an interview with Attitude magazine, the 34-year-old entertainer said of his friendship with his superstar pal: "One of my favourite things that I've done is to be a friend to Taylor and be able to help her realise that using her voice is a humongous instrument that is able to change the minds of those who, without her, may have never looked at gay people as actual people."

Following the remarks, fans took to social media to slam the former "American Idol" contestant, forcing Todrick to hit back online with a string of furious posts.

"I'm just going to put this out there, not for people who are looking for new reasons to not like me, but for people who actually seek the truth because I'm going to be doing a lot of press coming up surrounding the show I'm doing in the UK," he penned.

The "RuPaul's Drag Race" star continued: "One of the reasons celebs don't enjoy doing press is because people want you to come across natural, unrehearsed and 'real' but everything you say can be taken out of context and used to feed cancel culture. Sometimes a word or phrase may be used that doesn't exactly represent how the artist feels because it's their 12th interview in a day, in a different time zone, and they're sleep deprived, etc."

Suggesting fans should read between the lines of his comments instead of taking them so literally, he added: "I think we should be looking at the bigger picture and understanding the overall message of what someone is trying to say rather than looking for reasons to re-cancel someone."

The controversy comes after Todrick confessed he is more cautious about who he allows into his "circle" after he was accused of not paying performers and mistreating his employees.

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