Method Man Accused of Cheating on His Wife While She Was Battling Cancer

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper allegedly hooked up with the 'Wendy Williams Show' host years ago when his wife Tamika was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

AceShowbiz - Method Man allegedly cheated on his wife Tamika Smith with Wendy Williams. Rumor has it, the hookup happened years ago when Tamika, who married the Wu-Tang Clan star in 2001, was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Back in 2006, Meth infamously ripped into Wendy after she told the public that Tamika was battling cancer. He was furious at Wendy, saying his wife wanted to keep it secret and no one, not even his wife's family, knew about the cancer diagnosis.

So, how did Wendy get the information when the couple's close family didn't even knew about the cancer?

According to a scoop by blogger Tasha K, Wendy got the information from Meth himself after they got intimate. The 48-year-old hip-hop star allegedly let slip about his wife's health issues during a pillow talk with the "Wendy Williams Show" host.

Wendy also claimed on air that Meth was sleeping with his wife's doctor, which he strongly denied. "She said me and [the doctor] was f**king [sic]. What kind of s**t is that, man?" he said back then. "You don’t do that to nobody. You say the f**k you want to say about me, say nothing about my family, man."

Wendy never gave any hints at having an affair with Meth, but Tasha suggested the host kept it secret only because it would give her a bad rep.

Tamika Smith has since kicked cancer to the curb. She shares three children, two sons and one daughter, with her husband whose real name is Clifford M. Smith Jr. The rapper has been fiercely protective of his family and personal life.

"You're gonna attack me anyway you want to, I'm in the entertainment business, but you don't attack my family, my wife," he blasted Wendy after she revealed Tamika's cancer battle. "It's bad enough she didn't have a hair on her head, you think she wants people staring at her, pointing at her, talking about how sick she is. Nobody knew anything until Wendy Williams said that s**t."

In 2016, Meth was also not thrilled when a blogger posted a rare picture of his wife. He asked them to remove it. "I'll ask again could u Please take it down, if u [have] any decency in u. Please!" he pleaded on Twitter to no avail.

"I guess follows n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency.. Smh," he expressed his frustrations. "I'm done with social media until further notice."

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