Tommie Lee Unfazed by Trina's Shade on Bobby Lytes' Instagram Live

Seeing that the drama escalates, Bobby goes on Instagram Live once again to address the issue in addition to reassuring that he and and the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star are good.

AceShowbiz - The new year has just began and Trina opts to start 2020 by reigniting her beef with "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta". The mess started after Bobby Lytes, Trina's cousin, went on Instagram Live on Christmas' Eve. That was when Trina, who was present there even though she was off-camera, started badmouthing Tommie without knowing that Bobby was on Live.

"Tommie, she always got her p***y out," Trina said off-camera. Bobby was surprised and then tried to change the subject by saying something about South Beach. Someone else also tried to warn Trina that Bobby was on Live.

However, Trina ignored that and went on saying, "Imagine if I posted some pictures like that." She also said, "Her p***y was out!," and "The pictures are cute, but it was like, 'Huh?' "

As Trina seemingly didn't want to stop, Bobby abruptly cut short her Live session. "Bye, let me talk to you later!" he said before turning it off.

Tommie was quick to catch wind of the diss. Taking to her own account, the VH1 star had a few subliminal responses of her own. In a clip of herself getting her makeup done, she could be seen laughing off the shade by mimicking Trina's remarks about her revealing social media posts.

Seeing that the drama escalated, Bobby went on Instagram Live once again to address the issue. "I know it wasn't a big deal. I know that it wasn't anything malicious. The person that said it in the background, I cannot even believe... I'm not gonna mention anybody's name because I feel like I'd be damned if I do, and I'd be damned if I don't."

"First of all, even I didn't mention who it was, people would never who the person was. Second of all, there's a lot of speculation about who it was saying it. " Bobby also reassured that he and Tommie are good.

Trina, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the drama.

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