Kevin Hart and Wife at War With Blogger Jason Lee Over Cheating Story

It all starts after Hollywood Unlocked posts an article about his cheating drama that is discussed on his Netflix docu-series, but Kevin isn't happy with the article.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Hart isn't happy with the way the media covered his docu-series "Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up", so he decided to blast one gossip blog who made his cheating scandal the headline of its story. However, the man behind the article refused to apologize and hit back at the "Jumanji: The Next Level" star instead.

It all started after Hollywood Unlocked posted an article titled, "Eniko Hart Reveals She Learned Husband Kevin Was Cheating Via DM in New Netflix Series". The headline didn't sit well with Kevin, who then commented underneath the post, "Such a strong and powerful documentary and this is the headline that you pull from it. Sad times we live in...carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful day and happy new year!!!"

Jason Lee, who wrote the article, was quick to respond and released a seven-minute video attacking Kevin. In the video, he accused the comedian of not supporting black journalists "and expects us to promote all your s**t for free and how you made an effort to run bias on the red carpet." Later, Jason revealed that Kevin wasn't the only one he was feuding with because prior to this, he exchanged jabs with Eniko over the same issue.

Sharing a screenshot of his DM with Eniko, the latter was seen calling Jason "a clown" and a "b***h a**." Jason naturally responded, but Eniko refused to backtrack her comment. "I said what I said," she said. Their exchange got even more heated with Eniko telling Jason at one point, "Boy bye. U ain't nothing but drama. Foh." In response, Jason clapped back, "And you ain't nothing but a side chick that got wifed up and cheated on. Your history got more flaws than mine."

Returning the focus to Kevin, Jason called him out for not blasting the likes of E! News and PEOPLE that also posted similar story. "Because you need masses to say that you're doing a great job," Jason continued talking.

Kevin hasn't responded to this.

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