Henry Cavill Clarifies After Previously Saying He Lost James Bond Role Because He's Fat
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The 'Man of Steel' actor backpedals on his comment in a previous interview where he revealed that he lost 007 role to Daniel Craig because he looked 'chubby.'

AceShowbiz - Henry Cavill has denied he lost out on the role of James Bond to Daniel Craig because he was too fat.

Last month, the Superman star, 36, revealed that "Casino Royale" director Martin Campbell told him he was "chubby" after he auditioned for the part in the 2006 movie.

However, the British actor has now clarified his comments, saying that Campbell did not cast him aside due to his weight - but was merely trying to make him aware of the rigorous training involved in playing the superspy.

"What I said was that Martin Campbell, the director, said, 'Looking a little chubby there, Henry!' That wasn't why I didn't get Bond," he tells British newspaper The Times. "I didn't get Bond because Daniel was the better guy for the role and he did an absolutely fantastic job."

"What Martin was doing was making sure that if I did get the role, I was going to have to physically prep harder. That was him being very kind to me. Not being insulting. Not being unpleasant."

Craig recently filmed his fifth outing as 007, "No Time to Die", ahead of an April 2020 release, a film that is widely believed to be his last as the face of the franchise.

Asked if he'd like to take over and get a second shot at playing Bond, Cavill responds, "I think it'd be a lot of fun, that's for sure."

If he misses out again, it will certainly not be down to weight issues - as he's maintained a strict fitness regime and diet since being cast as a superhero.

"I get at least one cheat meal a week when I'm being very, very strict," he says of his diet, adding: "and when I'm not being very, very strict, one every three to five days. So I'm not not enjoying myself. It's just that I'm not enjoying myself all the time."

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