'RHOC' Reunion Part 1: Vicki Gunvalson Lashes Out at Andy Cohen and Production

As she sits near host Andy Cohen, Vicky appears to think it's a perfect opportunity to snap at her about something that 'pissed' her off prior to the filming.

AceShowbiz - The Wednesday, December 18 episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was beyond messy. The first episode of the three-part season 14 reunion saw cast member Vicky Gunvalson was throwing a fit to one of the show's main producers, Gavin.

"I am pissed at you guys right now. I feel like a f**king fool," she said to Gavin. "I'm literally gonna leave. This is bulls**t. Where am I sitting? I wanna know. Where am I sitting? Am I coming in, sitting at the end like a little lap dog?"

Gavin tried to calm her down, telling her that "they're trying to figure that out right now." However, Vicky interrupted, "I'm not going in, sitting at the end. I started this show 15 years ago. ... So you put me on, or take me... Just let me go! F**ing just let me go if you don't want me anymore. Just let me go in grace!"

Vicky continued to hurl at Gavin, saying, "The fact that they're in one or two acts already and now they're gonna throw me in like I'm thirsty. I feel like I'm with the bottom-feeders. I feel like I'm with the catfish!" When her fiance Steve Lodge suggested her to go home, Vicky responded, "They made me wait. And every hour I waited while they're out there filming makes me feel like I'm a has-been."

She eventually joined the other ladies as Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge and Gina Kirschenheiter scooted down to make room for her. "I was waiting back there. As she sat near host Andy Cohen, Vicky appeared to think it was a perfect opportunity to snap at her about the earlier thing. "My temperature's at like 150! Don't f***ing do this to me. Yeap. Not good," she told him.

Andy hit back at Vicky when the cameras were rolling. "While the OG of the O.C. needs no introduction, knowing her, she'd probably have some words with me if she didn't get one," he said, facing the camera. "So without further ado, please welcome Coto resident, insurance maven and the future Mrs. Lodge -- Jane Roe! I mean, Vicki Gunvalson. Hi, Vicki!"

Part 2 of "RHOC" reunion airs Monday, December 23, while the last part is set to air Thursday December 26 on Bravo.

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