PewDiePie Is Taking Break From YouTube in 2020: 'I'm Feeling Very Tired'

The popular gamer and comedian, who first hinted at his desire to stay away from the platform back in August, gives his fans the heads up as he says, 'Early next year I'll be a way for a little while.'

AceShowbiz - YouTuber PewDiePie has an announcement for his 100-million-plus loyal followers. On Saturday, December 14, the Swedish vlogger and comedian, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, broke the news that he would be taking a break from the video-sharing platform in 2020.

The 30-year-old controversial gamer spilled his plan near the end of his latest Pew News video in which he criticized the platform for its inability to enforce policy updates. "I am taking a break from YouTube next year," he plainly stated. "I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind."

The husband of fellow YouTuber Marzia Bisognin went on to explain what led him to his decision. "I'm tired. I'm feeling very tired," he confessed. "I don't know if you can tell. Just so you know, early next year I'll be a way for a little while. I'll explain that later but I wanted to give a heads up."

This was not the first time PewDiePie sounded his intention to step away from YouTube. Back in August, the same month he married Bisognin, the most-watched YouTube creator of 2019 confided, "I do think it would be good for me to take a break at some point. It would be nice to not have YouTube in my brain for the first time in 10 years."

PewDiePie's announcement was quickly met with positive feedback. One YouTube user wrote in the comment section, "You did this for a whole decade, man you deserve a break." Another one noted, "I'm fine with PewDiePie taking a break, not that he needs my justification. Lately he looks tired and like he's just doing videos to please others."

Despite his success, the meme aficionado was not without controversy. He has been accused of racism and anti-Semitism. Back in 2017, he was criticized for using the N-word during a live gaming stream. In the same year, he had Disney severing their ties with him due to his videos that contained Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic jokes.

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