'90 Day Fiance': Robert and Anny Go for Apartment Hunting in Vain

After a while, the TLC pair, who shocked viewers of the show with their speedy engagement, have finally found a location that she deemed deserving of their money, but a problem emerges.

AceShowbiz - The Sunday, December 15 episode of "90 Day Fiance" featured Robert Springs and his fiancee Anny going for an apartment hunting. After a while, the pair finally found a location that she deemed deserving of their money, but a problem emerged.

It appeared that Robert might not be able to purchase the new home because he just renewed his current location's lease for a year. According to their realtor, he couldn't break the contract and both of them were forced to stay where he currently resides for a year before they could actually move to a new place.

That unsurprisingly baffled Anny. "But you say before I came here we are going to move, why you pay that," she asked Robert, who reasoned that he paid that because she wasn't here yet. However, Anny made it clear that she didn't want to wait to move in to their own place, especially for a year.

"Before I came here, he tell me he going to have a new apartment. Why you sign that then? You make me come and see this apartment and after I see everything I like it and you tell me, 'No we can't move here because I already have signed?' I don't understand that. It's f***ed up," Anny ranted.

Viewers were equally annoyed with Robert and they didn't hesitate to express it on Twitter. "So Robert brought Anny to that apartment to show her what she can't have....," one user tweeted. Someone else added, "Robert is full of it, why take Anny to look at apartments when you know you resigned your lease?"

"I'm glad Robert is finally getting a bigger apartment, but why was this not something he thought he needed BEFORE Anny got there. Ain't no woman picking up her life to move to your country to share a bed with you and your child," another one wondered.

This arrives after it was rumored that the two had a secret marriage on September 21 in The Little White Chapel in central Florida, known as the Chapel of Love. Accoreding to the report, Robert most likely booked the lowest priced package, which included an outdoor ceremony that seats up to 10 people, for the nuptials.

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