Jada Pinkett Smith's Mom Calls Out the Kardashian Sisters Over Jordyn Woods

After Jada reminds 'Red Table Talk' viewers to be 'careful how you judge,' Adrienne Banfield-Jones responds, 'Exactly, and while you pointing a finger, there's three fingers pointing back at you.'

AceShowbiz - It's a known fact that the Smith family stands by Jordyn Woods after the latter was involved in an affair drama with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Jada Pinkett Smith's mom, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, has made that clear once again in the Tuesday, December 10 episode of "Red Table Talk" by calling out the Kardashian sisters.

Adrienne made the comment after Jordyn passed the lie detector test. "So what we hope is that, at some point in time, the truth--the whole truth actually comes out. Because there were a lot of untruths," she said, as Jada smiled knowingly at her direction. She then continued, "That were put out there, and one of them was about the fact that there wasn't an apology from Jordyn."

Jada later told her viewers to be "careful how you judge, no matter what" because "there's always more to the story." This prompted Adrienne to respond, "Exactly, and while you pointing a finger, there's three fingers pointing back at you." Jada realized what her mother was talking about, so she quickly told her to stop saying anything more.

Adrienne could be referring to the time when Khloe, her sisters as well as her friends were attacking Jordyn when news about the affair scandal first broke out. Even Kylie Jenner ended up ending her friendship with the social media star due to the scandal.

During the lie detector test itself, Jordyn was asked whether or not she had sexual intercourse with Tristan while being hooked to a polygraph. The former "Life of Kylie" star replied with a "No." After two hours, Shon Thurman, a certified polygraphist with more than 25 years of experience in criminal and civil investigations, gave his verdict. "You definitely passed and I believe you're being truthful on the test," he said.

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