Mark Wahlberg

Thanks to a spiritual awakening moment, some celebrities who have dealt with mental health issues or legal problems manage to walk away from their dark history.

AceShowbiz - Many know Mark Wahlberg as a successful actor and family man who relatively stays out of trouble, but he was far from having a clean sheet during his youth. He would skip schools and had several run-ins with the law, including a conviction of assault and theft when he was 16. It was during his time in jail that he decided to change his life for the better by focusing on his faith.

"I had to make the choice personally, and then I had to focus on my faith," he said in an interview with Piers Morgan several years ago. "Once I focused on my faith wonderful things started happening for me. And I don't mean professionally - that's not what it's about," he added about how his life changed after put God at the center of his life. "For me to sit down and ask for material things is ridiculous. It's a much bigger picture than that."

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