Chris Pratt
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Thanks to a spiritual awakening moment, some celebrities who have dealt with mental health issues or legal problems manage to walk away from their dark history.

AceShowbiz - Chris Pratt's faith that he found later in life might have led him to many good things, including his successful acting career and his meeting with his now-wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. But before then, he was a slacker young guy who dropped out of community college and ended up being homeless in Maui, Hawaii.

Working as a daytime stripper and a bartender to make his ends meet, his life was all about drugs, alcohol and partying before he was approached by a man outside of a grocery store who told him God told him to speak to Chris. The man brought Chris to church with him and he later worked for Christian missionary organization Jews for Jesus. Shortly after that, he was cast for a role in short horror film "Cursed Part 3" that became the beginning of his acting career.

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