Michael Vick

Thanks to a spiritual awakening moment, some celebrities who have dealt with mental health issues or legal problems manage to walk away from their dark history.

AceShowbiz - Michael Vick had a gleaming career as a professional football player with one of the highest annual incomes for an athlete in 2006. But the wrong circle and some bad advice led him to make poor judgment, both personally and financially, landing him in financial trouble and legal issue for dog fighting activities at a property he owned in rural Surry County in southeastern Virginia.

It was during his 23-month jail stint that he recovered his relationship with God, beginning with his reading of Psalm 23. The former NFL star, who said his mother's advice had a profound impact on his faith, also got assistance from former NFL coach and current NBC football analyst Tony Dungy in his quest for God. After his release in 2009, Michael made a comeback in the NFL until his retirement in 2017. He is now a FOX Sports analyst and is advocating for the proper treatment of animals.

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