Azealia Banks Backtracks Apology to 'Toxic' Frank Ocean Following PrEP+ Party Rant Backlash
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The 'Anna Wintour' star takes to her Instagram account to further details her apology for her remarks about the event and appears to take back her words as she felt that people twisted her words.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks previously apologized to Frank Ocean after weighing in on the latter's event in New York City in October which was meant to explore what the NYC nightlife scene would have been like in the 80s and 90s if PrEP had existed back then. However, the songstress appeared to take back her words as she felt that people twisted her words.

Azealia posted a screenshot of an article written by LGBTQ publication, Gay Times, which titled read, "Azealia Banks says 'adieu' to her gay fans in aftermath of PrEP backlash". The article alluded that the singer's recent retirement announcement was directed at her gay fanbase, whom she felt don't really value and appreciate her talent.

Fuming, the opinionated star wrote in the caption, "The reason I apologized was because of something that hit close to home with a personal friend of mine.... I realized I was loud and RUDE AS S**T, and wanted to apologize to anyone else I may have hurt/offended."

Additionally, she revealed that apologizing didn't mean she changed her opinion on Frank and his event. "I STILL think it's toxic and wrong of Frank Ocean associate rave culture with sex. RAVE CULTURE IS UNIVERSAL. It has ZERO to do with sex, race, gender or sexuality. In fact, - the reason why the dark enclosment and THUMPING beat of rave is so universal is because it triggers a person's earliert memories of being in a mother's womb and hearing the thump of her heartbeat. ... It ain't a f***ing gay orgy."

"White Gay men in the gay media are always so desperately trying to use their sexuality as political agenda and y'all use these channels to keep perpetuating this bulls**t victimization/self-pity as a consumer product across races/age groups," she added. "Stop telling them Azealia Banks is a villain, warn them about Jesse Saint John and Ed buck... go police the rampant culture of drugging and sexual assault that exists in the community."

The "Anna Wintour" rapper also urged them to "stop being so f***ing whiny and boring all the damn time and actually do something. Use your own f***ing minds for once."

Captioning the lenghty message, Azealia wrote, "You b****s have been DOGGING ME for YEARS and I haven't seen ANY OF YOU do a single thing for ANY OF THE PEOPLE YOU CLAIM IM OPPRESSING. This s**t has to STOP in 2020." She continued, "You can no longer use me as a scapegoat for the cultural work you refuse to do. I'm not responsible for what's wrong in the world, it’s you via your lily-white publications using this bullshit victim narrative to give yourselves excuses to practice violent racism, misogyny and cultural theft."

"This is the FINAL TIME I WILL ADDRESS YOU ALL IN THE DUSTY WHITE GAY MEDIA. You can no longer use and abuse me to hide your own inability to be anything less than the bigoted baby boomer white men who made you. KISS MY A** FROM 2020 and BEYOND!" she concluded.

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