G Herbo Called Corny Over Flirty Message to Fabolous' Stepdaughter Taina

One of Taina's photos from her vacation in Dubai apparently has attracted the 1995-born rapper so much he feels the need to leave a comment that people dub 'corny.'

AceShowbiz - Taina Williams is currently enjoying her vacation in Dubai, so it's only natural for her to share photos taken from her trip to her Instagram account. Many people were loving her images, and her boyfriend G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) is not an exception. The rapper even left a flirty comment on one of her posts, though it made some people cringe.

The post that had Herbo gushing featured Taina posing in front of a mosque in the country as she covered herself up in a black long gown with gold ornament. She additionally covered her head with a matching veil. "What an experience," the stepdaughter of rapper Fabolous wrote in the caption of the post.

Loving what he saw, Herbo left a comment that read, "Lol I hope I don't offend nobody with this but you look BOMB get it bomb." Many found his comment corny, with one writing, "Somebody tell G Herbo that was corny asf." Another said, "That joke was corny af and not worth the backlash he's about to get." Someone else pointed out, "N***s corny when they in love."

"That was cute and corny, they in love... If y'all mad said that y'all wouldn't be so mad, always fake mad!" an individual said, as one other suspected that the rapper "was high as hell when he commented that." Another person commented, "Lmaooo... I bussed out laughing at the corny joke."

Herbo has since deleted the comment.

Herbo and Taina confirmed they are dating earlier this year, and they have even got Fabolous' approval. In an interview, the "Into You" rapper said that he's even willing to give them advice based on his experience being a rapper in a relationship. "I can ever speak from his perspective a little bit and help understand...if he's just going to the studio, she might be thinking, 'Why he spending so much time in the studio?' I'm like, 'That's his office.' That's a rapper's office," he said.

"It's not like (Herbo) just making it a place where he's trying to avoid you but that's his job. He may not even know it," Fabolous continued. "But still, as a man, it's still your place to know how to balance them two things. It's something that I've learned in my maturity but he's got it. He's a good dude overall."

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