John Travolta Admits Kelly Preston's Sex Scene With Tom Cruise Caught Him by Surprise
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Asked if he ever had an awkward moment with his wife over steamy scene with another actor, the 'Gotti' star recalls sitting in the screening of 'Jerry Maguire' without knowing about it.

AceShowbiz - John Travolta had no idea his wife Kelly Preston had a sex scene with Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire" until he saw the film.

The "Pulp Fiction" star was stunned when he sat down to watch the romantic comedy for the first time following its release in 1996, revealing he was not warned that Preston, who portrays Cruise's girlfriend in the film, shared such a steamy scene with the actor.

"You don't even know what awkward is... until you sit in the screening of Jerry Maguire and you don't know that scene is coming up and your wife is with Tom Cruise in the middle of something that is astonishing," Travolta confessed during an appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" on Wednesday, December 04. "That's awkward. I had no idea. That was rough."

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