White House Claps Back After Melania Trump Is Mocked Over Christmas Decoration

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham rips the media for 'an annual holiday tradition ... to attack all that the first lady does' after her holiday decoration is compared to horror film 'The Shining'.

AceShowbiz - The White House is done with the media's constant negative coverage of Melania Trump. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has spoken up in defense of the first lady after her latest Christmas decoration was highly criticized online.

"It has become an annual holiday tradition for the media to attack all that the first lady does," the spokesperson for Melania and President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, December 3. She added. "If this was a Democratic administration, I suspect Mrs. Trump and her work would be featured positively in every mainstream news outlet."

Grisham didn't say if she was referring to any particular outlet's reporting, but it's believed that she's frustrated over the media coverage of White House holiday decoration in the last two years. Following last year's red cranberry-covered trees which were dubbed "spooky" and called as "red Christmas trees of death" by some, this year's "The Spirit of America"-themed decoration has been compared to horror film "The Shining" by many online critics.

Unveiling the holiday decoration on her official Twitter page on Monday, Melania wrote in the caption, " 'The Spirit of America' is shining in the @WhiteHouse! I am delighted to share this beautiful exhibit of patriotism for all to see, and excited for everyone to experience the beauty of the #Christmas season!"

People quickly took to Twitter to weigh in on the holiday decoration, with one writing, "Melania has a real talent for imparting anything she touches with the warmth of 'The Shining'." Another tweeted, "This remake of The Shining is the scariest one yet."

Another Twitter user quipped, "This is like a cross between a Lexus December to Remember commercial and a trailer for The Shining." Someone else remarked, "There is even a The Shining-like cameo from two random people dressed like either chefs or grand wizards."

There were some who praised the first lady's Christmas exhibit though. "Breathtaking, just beautiful. Thank you Melania & all the volunteers," one gushed. Another added, "You are truly honored throughout this country...a picture of dignity and grace. Merry Christmas to you and your family!"

Melania has not responded to the latest criticism, but she defended her taste when asked about the comments on last year's Christmas ornamentation at the White House. "We are in the 21st century and everybody has a different taste," she said in an interview. "I think they look fantastic."

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