Isaiah Washington and Yvette Nicole Brown Get Into Heated Twitter Feud Over His Fox Nation Series

The former 'The 100' star and the 'Community' alum have gone back and forth on the micro-blogging site after she calls him out for 'dancing w/ the alt-right' by signing up for the new TV show.

AceShowbiz - Isaiah Washington and Yvette Nicole Brown have been involved in a heated online feud that seemingly won't end anytime soon. The actress first called out the SAG Award-winning actor after it's reported that he signed up for an upcoming series on Fox Nation.

"Did I call this or what? Not even surprised that this particular dude said yes to dancing w/ the alt-right. Black voter disenfranchisement is on the menu for sure! Remember children, all money ain't good money & not all skin folks are kin folk," Yvette's commented on Isaiah's new TV gig.

Isaiah only responded to Yvette's tweet two days later on Thanksgiving day, November 28, starting the extensive back-and-forth on the micro-blogging site. He hit back by accusing her of "dancing for dollars" for "Walt Disney, a KNOWN RACIST," by joining the live-action remake of "Lady and the Tramp". He also claimed that she called him a "coon," which the "Community" alum denied in another tweet.

"When did I call you a coon @Iwashington? I mean we all KNOW you are, but I never called you that," she wrote, before unapologetically adding, "What I WILL call you is a fool thinking @foxnews & the racists who run it give a damn about you. You are being USED to thrown shade on MY people. You are not kin."

She continued, "Be careful chasing clout and dirty dollars @IWashington That has historically not worked out well for you. As for me, I sleep well at night and stay working in my CHOSEN field. How 'bout you, boo? When you quote me on your little show quote it ALL & spell my name right."

Saying that he didn't need any advice from "a rookie" like Yvette, Isaiah claimed the actress miscalculated her anger at MAGA. "You are a fool. Stop," he told her. But she refused to stop just yet, hitting back at Isaiah, "You also don't know me. You should google who you're coming for. You don't want this smoke. That I promise."

Isaiah also accused the 48-year-old actress of being "a TROLL" and "unemployed." Addressing his upcoming Fox Nation series, he stated, "Listen, my show on @foxnation is NOT a political show, it's a UNIFIER, so if you want to continue to attack me for doing MY OWN show then that’s on you. This will be my final outreach."

Yvette, meanwhile, denied that she had deleted her earlier tweets directed at Isaiah and claimed that the 56-year-old actor has brought their feud to Instagram.

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