Lil Wayne Appears to Disagree After Young Thug Is Named Most Influential Rapper
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Many are convinced that the Young Money boss is talking about an article that states the 'What's the Move' rapper is the most influential rapper in the 21st century.

AceShowbiz - Lists of greatest rappers have always been something that spark chatter online, and this one is not an exception. Many people are sounding off after an article named Young Thug as the most influential rapper in the century, and Lil Wayne apparently also has something to say about it.

The hip-hop legend took to Twitter on Thursday, November 28 to simply tweet, "Me, that's who." Even though Weezy didn't offer further details about what he was referring to in the tweet, many believed that he was talking about the said article and expressed his disagreement by saying that he was the most influential rapper in the century.

Even Thug himself apparently didn't bare any hard feelings and agreed with what Weezy said instead. Retweeting the post to his own account, the "What's the Move" rapper wrote, "Facts," along with an emoji of raising hands.

Young Thug agreed with what Lil Wayne said.

It's understandable why Thug agreed with Weezy. After all, he did acknowledge that he was influenced by the Young Money boss to the point where he even planned to name his album "Tha Carter VI", a reference to Weezy's "Tha Carter" album series. This, however, sparked beef between the two because the latter didn't like what Thug was doing.

Back in 2015, during one of his concerts, Weezy dissed Thug by telling the audience not to buy the album. He said at the time, "I want y'all to do me a favor and quit listening to songs of n***as that pose naked on they motherf***in' album cover," making a reference to Thug posing completely nude on the artwork for the album.

The album was later renamed to "Barter 6" with Thug insisting that he wasn't trying to be disrespectful. He said, "I understand that Lil Wayne is frustrated about his career and I feel him on that, but this is my idol. I would never in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing. This is a person that I look up to. Haha."

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