Al Roker's Ruffle With Man Dressing as Butter at Thanksgiving Day Parade Gives Everyone a Laugh

The 'Today' weatherman causes Twitter to erupt in laughter with his jovial and hilarious brush-off with the man-sized stick of butter while he's reporting from the annual parade.

AceShowbiz - It appears that Al Roker has a slight disdain for butter. The "Today" co-host was on hand to report from Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, November 28 when he encountered a man dressing as a stick of butter and it's clear that he wasn't impressed at all.

The 65-year-old weatherman was reporting live from the streets of New York City, having a brief chat with a police officer on duty and running into a giant fried egg when the man-sized stick of butter ran across the street. The butter man approached Roker to wish viewers a "happy butter Thanksgiving," but the TV personality jokingly told him to get away from him.

"I hate to butter you up, but you've got to move on, okay? There you go," he said to the butter man. The man didn't give up though, as he came back to get a few more seconds on camera. "Get out of here ya butter," Roker yelled at the guy while slightly shoving him. "I can't believe it's not butter!"

But that's not the end just yet. Later when Roker rode along on a sidecar, the butter man chased him and screamed to the camera, "We're buttering you up! Butter your turkey, butter your ham!" Roker let the guy get the spotlight before he said with a smile, "... and that's why everybody loves clowns. Yeah."

As soon as the video of Roker's friendly beef with the butter man went viral, Twitter started a chatter about the hilarious moment. Actor/screenwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda reposted the video and wrote in the caption, "Roker did a shove to a butter."

"That butter just ran up on him! I'm all for Thanksgiving this year being Roker Vs Butter guy," a fellow user reacted. Another commented with a pun, "he butter leave him alone!" Someone else wrote, "Did you see the Butterman make a comeback when Al was on the motorcycle? You could clearly see Al's annoyance, and this is the celeb feud I didn't know I needed!"

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