Madonna Slammed by Fischerspooner's Casey Spooner for Songwriting Credit Fail

In a lengthy statement he issued on social media, the electronic pop group co-founder claims to have co-written 'God Control' when he worked with French producer Mirwais in 2017.

AceShowbiz - Madonna has been slammed by former Fischerspooner musician Casey Spooner over her failure to credit him on a track from her recent album "Madame X".

Spooner, a member of the electronic pop group, who disbanded last month (October 2019), wrote on Instagram that he was co-writer of the track "God Control", alongside legal documents and audio of a demo with similar melodies and lyrics to the completed song.

The musician claims he worked with French producer Mirwais in 2017, for the latter's never-released solo album, but was astonished when elements of their work popped up on "Madame X" without credit, and that he had since been made a derisory offer to compensate him.

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH @madonna and @mirwais.official have f**ked me over," he wrote on the social media site. "I co-wrote GOD CONTROL and I've gotten no credit and no compensation. I've been dealing with this for 5 months and I'm over it."

Spooner alleges he was first offered $10,000 (£7,800), and then later $25,000 (£19,410) as an advance against future publishing royalties, but argued he should instead be paid "1% of touring profits" as most of the money Madonna earns from Madame X will not be from record sales but from live shows.

He also claimed Mirwais and Madonna's teams had tried to "intimidate" him into accepting a low-ball offer, and pointed out that "God Control" was used as the opening number in her "Madame X" shows.

The electronica star claims lyrics and melodies from his demo were used entirely without his authorisation or knowledge.

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