Reese Witherspoon Uncovers Nicole Kidman's Weird Old Lady Habits
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When the 'Big Little Lies' star expresses her fascination at her co-producer's eating habits, the 'Bombshell' returns the favor by spilling on the former's pet peeve.

AceShowbiz - Reese Witherspoon is fascinated by her pal Nicole Kidman's eating habits, revealing the Australian star is like a little old lady.

The "Legally Blonde" star has spent a lot of time working with Nicole in recent years after joining her as a co-producer and star of "Big Little Lies", and she admits watching her friend eat was immense fun.

"She carries around these little bags of snacks all day," Reese explains. "I make fun of her. She pours hot cocoa on her cappuccino but only eats the foam. She eats weird old lady candies like your grandma had in the candy dish."

Nicole admits the butterscotch candies she gobbles remind her of her grandmother, but she insists there's a health reason behind them: "I have low blood sugar."

And, as Reese is dishing the dirt on her pal's eating habits, Nicole returned the favour, adding, "I'll tell you Reese doesn't like anyone eating off her plate. I have kids so I'm constantly doing that with them, but not Reese."

The "Walk the Line" star explains, "I had a brother who ate all my food, so I'm like, 'Don't eat my food!'"

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