Flavor Flav Suffers From Pancreatitis Due to Alcohol Addiction, Refuses to Go to Rehab

In the latest episode of 'Growing Up Hip Hop: New York', the 60-year-old rapper reveals the devastating news to his children as he says that his addiction to alcohol finally 'gets to him.'

AceShowbiz - Flavor Flav successfully made his kids worried about his well-being right after he dropped a shocking bombshell to them. In the Thursday, November 21 episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop: New York", the 60-year-old rapper revealed that he had been battling pancreatitis due to his year-long addiction to alcohol.

Flavor and his kids were gathering at his house when he revealed the devastating news, after daughter Dazyna Drayton asked whether or not her rapper dad was doing all right. "I don't know where to start, right, but let me tell y'all something," he began. "Drinking alcohol, and when you do too much of it, it gets to you after a while. And I watched it get to a lot of my friends and I never thought that it'd get to me."

He then said that he went to doctor and was diagnosed with the disease, which can cause life-threatening complications. This, obviously, prompted his kids to urge him to go to rehab. "We feel like you should get some type of help whether that's going to rehab or talking to somebody professional," Flee said, warning his dad that they would force him if he refused them.

But Flavor wasn't feeling threatened at all and insisted that he would not be going to rehab after the diagnosis. "Your health is in danger now so we need to take necessary precautions to get your health out of the red zone," Dazyna argued, before things started going south as Flavor kept refusing to check into a facility.

Just when Flavor was about to go out, both his sons stopped him from exiting and literally held him down so that he couldn't move at all. He could be heard telling his children to "let me go," but they just wouldn't budge.

It remains unknown what happens after that.

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