Mandy Moore on Moving Past Self-Doubts and Self-Criticism: None of That Matters

The 'This Is Us' star thinks everybody has to go through that phase of self-doubting in her/his 20s, but she now has 'a very healthy relationship' with her body at 35 years old.

AceShowbiz - Mandy Moore has a healthy relationship with her body at the age of 35. The Rebecca Pearson of "This Is Us" recently opened up about moving past the self-doubts and self-criticism she dealt with in her 20s.

In an interview with People magazine, the 35-year-old singer turned actress said, "[In our 20s] we all have to suffer through bouts of self-doubts and self-criticism." She continued, "But none of that matters. All you're doing is wasting time and energy when you could be pouring it into something way more productive."

Holding onto such conviction apparently did the "Tangled" star good. She gushed, "I feel so grateful for where I am in my life personally and I feel very fulfilled and very satisfied." She went on to disclose that she felt better at her 35 than she did in her 20s.

As for how she takes care of her mental and emotional health, the ex-wife of former Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams pointed out, "It's about how you speak to yourself and how you speak about others." She added, "I'm making sure I'm focused on self-care as well."

Moore additionally noted that paying attention to her diet helped with how she feels about herself too. "I went to a functional medicine doctor and figured out things that are definitely not making me feel great," she explained. "Random things like cow's milk, gluten, salmon, soy and apricots."

"I took them out of my diet and it's made a world of difference. I have more energy; I don't have that fog and my digestive issues have pretty much resolved themselves."

In another news, Moore has just announced her first North American tour more than a decade. "I am thrilled to put together an intimate, elevated evening of new and old tunes, performed with a superb group of musicians," she spilled. "It just feels good to be sharing this side of me again in its purest form, a real side of me I have been itching to put back into the universe."

The "I Wanna Be with You" singer will kick off her 2020 tour on March 20 at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. Her stops include major cities like New York City, Chicago, Nashville and Dallas. She is expected to end the trek at the Gothic Theatre in Denver on May 9.

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