Tom Cruise Came Close to Have Arm Broken in Bizarre Irish Pub Altercation Back in the 90s
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During an appearance on 'The Pat Kenny Show', politician Michael Healy-Rae claims to have witnessed the incident taking place in the Loo Bridge Bar outside Kilgarvan in Kerry, Ireland.

AceShowbiz - Tom Cruise narrowly escaped having his arm broken by an Irish pub patron while filming in the country in 1991, according to a politician who witnessed the incident.

Cruise and his then-wife Nicole Kidman spent months in Kerry, Ireland while filming their 1992 epic "Far and Away", and Irish TD (Member of Parliament) Michael Healy-Rae saw the couple visit a local pub.

Speaking on Irish TV chat programme "The Pat Kenny Show", Healy-Rae said the young couple went totally unrecognised in the Loo Bridge Bar outside Kilgarvan in Kerry - resulting in a bizarre altercation when one local tried to hit Cruise with his walking stick before he accused the star of stealing cigarettes.

"This young boy and girl came into the pub and had jeans and sunglasses and tanned faces on them," he said. "There was an elderly man was sitting down the end of the counter. He had his stick up on the counter and he was sipping away at a little glass of Guinness."

The publican, called Matt, served the two Hollywood stars two glasses of Diet Coke with lots of ice before leaving them in front of the bar to complete an errand - when the "Top Gun" actor angered the local drinker by breaching pub etiquette.

Taking up the story, the politician added: "When he was gone, the Yank (Cruise) leaned behind the counter," he explained. "The old man jumped up off his stool, caught his stick and drew a belt at yer man's hand trying to hit him. But he just missed and there was a big bang down on the counter instead."

"The Yank said, 'My goodness, I was just leaning in to get a bit more ice'. The older man shouted out, 'you b**tard, you were trying to steal Matt's fags'. The Yank looked at them and said, 'I was not, I was trying to steal nothing'. They sipped away at their Diet Coke and left."

Healy-Rae went on to explain that they only became aware they had scared off Tom Cruise later that night - realising they could've wrecked the movie by seriously injuring its leading man.

"If he (the man with the stick) had been an inch or two longer he could have broken the arm of Tom Cruise trying to accuse him wrongly of trying steal a cigarette," he added.

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