Apryl Jones Spills the Tea While Clapping Back Meek Mill's Diss Over Lil Fizz Romance

Meek comments in one of her Instagram posts featuring a photo of herself and Fizz which Apryl captions with, 'My goal is that someone sees my page and decides to grow strong, live YOUR life, and not give a f**k.'

AceShowbiz - Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz have been the target of online criticism after they confirmed their romance on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood". And now, even Meek Mill chimed in as he put his two cents on Apryl dating Fizz, who is friends with her baby daddy Omarion.

Meek was spotted commenting in one of the reality TV star's Instagram posts featuring a photo of herself and Fizz. Captioning the pic, Apryl wrote, "My goal is that someone sees my page and decides to grow strong, live YOUR life, and not give a f**k."

Among the commenters was Meek who said, "Y'all outta pocket for this move. No disrespect." It didn't take long before his comment got noticed by the VH1 couple with Fizz being the first among the two to hit back at the "All Eyes on You" spitter.

"Only thing outta pocket is what I paid for the dinner," the B2K member wrote to Meek.

Later, his lady joined in. She decided to spill the tea in her reply, hinting that Meek previously tried to hit on her. "No disrespect. But you tried to talk to me. And that's not out of pocket....?"

Her response, though, didn't seem to make sense to other Instagram users. "But @meekmill isn't friends with or band mates with your two babies father luv. So what's your point?" one person said. Another one added, "She always try's to justify her position by highlighting that these men wanted her. Like Everyman wanted u probably meant they wanted to smash they see u as an open an easy target which u surely proved to the world."

"She has a college degree but no common sense. Gracious," another one slammed Apryl. Another comment read, "Shorty don't get it. Every time she talk she sound more and more crazy. Stop trying to find excuses. You fell in love with the wrong person cool say that. But don't look for sympathy either."

This is not the first time for Apryl to directly respond to the backlash she's been receiving over the shocking romance. "To any teens or kids that may be on my page. I wanna tell you guys to use me as a prime example to sit in your truth," the brunette wrote on social media. "When the world May be against you because people think they know you or your life, and they pass judgement on you, don't allow their ignorance to diminish your truth."

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